Benefits of Black Tea Hair Rinses.

on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 4:05:00 PM

Benefits: Black tea stimulates growth, strengthen shair and decreases shedding The caffeine in the black tea stimulates the hair follicles as well as block DHT (hormone responsible for hair loss and male pattern baldness). It also slows down the rate of hair fall as well as reduces shedding Here are a few recipes

•Minimize shedding-4 cups of hot water, swish the tea bag around until the water turns color, let it sit and cool. Put on hair and let it sit for a few minutes and comb through hair. Results - easy detangling, less breakage, and less shedding.( great to use if you taking out a sew-in and or braids)

•Hair loss - mix black tea with a bit of lemon juice, apply to hair, massage into scalp, and follow up by shampooing. *Use tea as a final rinse after your weekly shampoo and conditioning regimen

•Fine Hair - shampoo hair (make sure the hair and scalp are clean), apply a protein treatment, rinse with something that is moisturizing, gently squeeze excess water from hair, pour tea rinse on hair making sure to get your scalp, apply moisturizing conditioner, deep condition for 25-30 minutes, rinse the tea/conditioner combo out of hair, apply your leave-in and style as normal (roller set or another protective style).

*Extreme strengthening treatment: Apply black tea, then let hair dry, then apply coconut oil, put saran wrap over it and let it sit overnight. Results:stronger hair, no shedding.*follow up with moisturizing deep conditioning or conditioner. Very important: The tea may make your hair dry so it’s important to put some moisture back. (Deep conditioning. Moisturizers).Although it promotes stronger hair, it is not a protein, it can be used with protein, you may not need to use additional protein if your hair is already strong!

Tips If used more than once per week, you may experience dryness, always incorporate moisture into your regimen. For those you experience dryness, you may want to apply oil prior I have tried all the recipes and they all have worked on my hair, i drastically decreased the shedding and my hair is much stronger.. Levels Ultimate: black tea rinse once a week Advance: black tea rinse every other week Normal: Once a month.

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